4 tips to get admission to Ivy League

If you want to apply to Ivy League, then you cannot waste any time during summer. You will need to sacrifice your nights, weekends and holidays to cram for the SATs or start internship somewhere to make your resume interesting. These are the important tips to help you get admission into Ivy League.

Don’t take easy classes


There is no credit in getting an ‘A’ grade by taking an easy class. Ivy League will look at the courses you took in your high school rather than your grades. You have to take challenging courses and do well in those when you are in high school.

SAT (or ACT) scores are important


This is a tool that differentiates among students. The grading criteria for all the high schools are not the same. SAT is a single tool to measure a student’s intelligence.

Good essay won’t cover up your academic grades


The essay is an important part of admission. But it’s not as important as your grades. So, during high school, you should focus on improving your grades. You cannot get into Ivy League only because you have written a good essay.

Recommendations are important


You need to submit two teachers and one counselor recommendation as part of the admission process at Ivy League. These recommendations are read out with great attention. So, make sure to impress your teachers and counselor and follow their guidance so that you get good recommendations.

You should go easy without stressing yourself much. You shouldn’t ruin your high school experience for getting prepared for your college. Study hard and follow these tips to prepare your application for Ivy League.…

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Top 4 benefits of distance education

Education contributes a lot to a person’s development. A good education will give you better financial security and provide personal development. You should invest in education to meet the rapid changes that take place in our economy. Now you don’t need to travel miles to get a good education. Distance education is now getting popularity. Here are the main benefits of distance education.

Higher education is accessible to all

Distance education eliminates any borders and barriers. It gives everyone the opportunity to learn. There are many online courses that are offered for free as well. So, you can learn anything online. Also, the degree or certificate you get after completing an online course is given the same value by the employers as normal university courses.

Online studies allow full flexibility

In the past, if you had to get an advanced degree, you had to quit your job. Online education has made it possible to continue work and education simultaneously. It is a new way of learning that offers flexibility.

Improve time management skills

With distance education, a student becomes an independent learner.Students develop not only their self-discipline but also their time management skills. You should make time for your readings and coursework. You have to make a clear schedule of everything.

High-quality tutor support

There will be regular tests and presentations that make the quality of learning very good.Most of the courses require you to study hard to do well in exams.

Distance education has created huge opportunities for learning. People of all ages can now get certifications or degrees any time they want. You should also take the opportunity of distance education.…

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Top 5 skills you need to be successful in life

Success doesn’t come automatically. You have to work hard to achieve. Also, you must have developed certain skills that will help you to be successful in life. Here are the important skills you need.

Sales skills

You should have good sales skills. It is not only required when it si your direct job role. You need sales skills during team meetings, product management, customer service, business development, and many other areas. If you have good sales skill, then you will have an advantage over others. If you have convinced someone to do any job or have retail experience, then you know you already have sales skills.

Transferable skills

You have many experiences throughout your life. You do volunteer works, part-time jobs, pursue your hobby, etc. These experiences can help you with your full-time job. You acquire lots of skills through the different experiences you have and all these add up to have a positive effect on your career.

Ability to ask

You should learn how to ask. If you don’t ask, you won’t receive anything. For example, you need to ask for your promotion or grab a huge sales deal. You should first try asking in non-work related situations. For example, when you go grocery shopping, you can ask the vendor to lower the price of cucumber. You can ask a stranger about road direction. You should practice asking in uncomfortable situations. This will help you to become more confident when you speak.

Communication skills

You should be good in both oral and written communication. You should practice writing emails and communicating with your friends. You should speak up about your idea during a meeting.

Interpersonal skills

You must be a team player. You should go along well with people. You should show genuine interest and empathy for your team members.

You should be proactive and produce results. Mastering these skills will help you to be successful in life. You will be able to do much better than your colleagues at work.

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